My 2014 Oscar Picks


2013 was an amazing year in film making - let’s just make that clear from the beginning! So many great films and best of all so many brilliant, original films and extraordinary performances that finding the nominees must have been extremely difficult. This of course tells the story about how…

It's a good feeling to find people from Aalborg here on Tumblr :)

I am not really on here that much anymore though :)

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Screaming and moaning

Oh for fuck sakes, neighbours! Can’t you time your 5 minutes of loud, moaning sex so it doesn’t have to be every night just when I want to sleep!

Thanks :-)

wanderlust and such: The truth about loneliness.


Alright. Now, let me start out by saying I am one of those people who very much believes that stating the negative only increases the negative. I believe that stating x,y and z wrong with your life on Facebook, Twitter and every social media platform in between doesn’t fix the problem, but…

Yes! Having just broken up with my girlfriend I can not only relate to the emotions but also the thoughts about loneliness and strength!

"Be Strong"

I’m going through a really tough time personally, I don’t really like this photo that much, but I suspect there’ll come some better soon :-)


… Is a lonely day!

I don’t regret ending my relationship one week ago though it’s been tough. But I regret all the stuff I’ve been giving up throughout!

"City of Love"

In 2011 I started a tradition. Every time I visit Paris I have to take a photo of a couple in one of the classic Paris Locations. The hope is to eventually have a complete photo series portraying Paris through the eyes of loving couples. 

© Nicolai Kjærsgaard Andersen. All photos must be credited and may not be used without permission.

I’ve never hated the right decision more

I’ve broken up with my girlfriend. It was the right decision thinking about my own well being, happiness and future. But to hurt the person you love and have loved for 9 months is the single hardest thing I’ve ever done.